The Kyäni Story

“Kyäni began with remarkable founding families who, from humble beginnings, achieved enormous success through hard work and innovation. The Hansens have taken their small family business and have expanded into many successful arenas including real estate development, convenience stores, hotels, and more. Similarly, the Taylor family transformed three acres and a horse into one of the largest potato farming and cattle operations in Idaho. Today they use cutting-edge technology to enhance and expand their businesses.”

“Kirk Hansen and the Hansen family own a large petroleum distribution company. Always eager to maintain a competitive advantage, the Hansen’s were the first to introduce computer oil analysis and bulk lubricants to their area. Later, they were leaders in converting their service stations into convenience stores. It was a very risky endeavor but they knew the importance of staying ahead of industry trends. The conversation was an enormous success. Now the Hansen’s family business is one of the largest petroleum distributors in the United States.”

“The Taylor family, including Carl Taylor, transformed three acres and a horse into one of the largest potato farms and cattle ranches in Idaho. As their father considered retirement, his accountant suggested that he turn over his farm to his sons. An outraged father declared, “If I give the farm to them, they’ll lose it. If they buy it from me, they’ll keep it.” The Taylor sons did purchase the farm. Today they use cutting-edge technology to expand every aspect of their business. The Taylor farm even keeps scientists on staff to evaluate water levels, soil nutrients, crop rotations, and many other means of maximizing a return on their investment. As a result, their business continues to grow dramatically.”

“In a strategic partnership, successful innovators Dick and Gayle Powell introduced the Hansens and Taylors to the miraculous power of two relatively unknown Superfoods—Wild Alaskan Blueberries and Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. The Powells also introduced Kirk, Carl, and their families to network marketing. They immediately became passionate about the industry because it allowed them to give back to others looking for opportunity while resonating with their core values.”

“Quickly realizing the power of these superfoods and how they could be marketed, Kyäni was formed, using the native Alaskan word for “strong medicine” as the company name. With the Hansen and Taylor family businesses exceeding one billion dollars in combined sales, Kyäni was one of the most financially secure company launches in history. Today, Kyäni offers some of the most powerful health and wellness products in the world. Join us as we share the power of Kyäni’s story and its life-changing products with the world.”

“Another remarkable adaptation found in nature begins with a simple Swiss apple first cultivated hundreds of years ago. Remaining fresh far longer than other varieties, the Uttwiler Spätlauber was prized for its longevity. The key to resistance to decay is the naturally occurring botanicals found in the skin of the fruit. These botanicals protect the fruit from oxidative stress and inflammation brought on by exposure to UV rays, and also act to reverse the effects of this photoaging.”

“Our skin is constantly exposed to environmental factors that cause damage, and as we age our skin’s ability to repair itself diminishes. Kyäni has leveraged its expertise in natural botanicals to harness extracts from a Swiss apple that defied the normal spoiling process to stay fresh. Utilizing these extracts and other ingredients including Blueberry, Noni, and Tocotrienols, Kyäni has developed Fleuresse—a premium line of skin care products that hydrates and nourishes your skin for a brighter, more youthful appearance.”

“Not only does Kyäni draw inspiration from nature for its products, but those powerful ingredients are emblematic of Kyäni’s culture and tenacity. Kyäni’s founding families began with small businesses that, like an apple or blueberry, might have been easy to overlook. But with hard work and innovation, the Hansens and Taylors achieved enormous business success in a multitude of industries. After learning how these natural sources of wellness can positively impact health, the families joined together to form Kyäni. Today, Kyäni’s powerful products make a difference in the lives of millions of people throughout the world.”

Through sheer work ethic, determination, and teamwork, distributors are able to achieve success and provide their families with a lucrative lifestyle.

All quotes from Kyani website