Kyäni Business

Kyäni’s business model has been built on various other business models which do away with the ‘middleman’ and where the manufacturer uses Independent Distributors to promote its products by networking with friends, relatives and acquaintances. This network marketing model does not require a formal training program. As huge sums of money are saved by not having to advertise and employ a large sales force it passes the savings onto its Distributors.

The video – Kyäni Business – tells you more

What makes the Kyäni business model unique? Besides offering the world’s most powerful superfoods that have truly changed many people’s lives, Kyani differentiates itself from similar direct selling companies by offering a unique approach to the network marketing model. Where other business models will encourage you to sign up as a distributor everyone you know, and even their dog! In order to enjoy success with Kyäni, you only initially need to sign up three people to get the ball rolling.


Kyäni offers a business opportunity to entrepreneurial minded people to bring their products to market. The founders of Kyäni created the business model this way, because they truly wanted to help individuals create a business for themselves, a life for themselves that is outside the normal 9-5, and a business which can easily be conducted from a person’s home base.

There is no limit to the number of people any person/distributor can enrol, however to be eligible for all bonuses, a distributor only needs to have a maximum of three legs.

In turn the 3 partners/Independent Distributors sign-up 3 partners and the following pattern starts to emerge.


When you join up to become a Distributor you have a choice of financial investment packages. One option is to say spend $1029.09 AUD which includes payment for product for 1 month plus additional product to give away as samples to prospective partners, 6 months Kyäni Social membership, Kyäni folder with brochures, GST & shipping. Every member deals direct with Kyani for all their financial transactions and delivery.

Independent Distributors ongoing payment is $218.00 AUD/month (inc GST & delivery) for their supply of product. After 6 months your Kyäni Social membership will be automatically billed monthly at the discounted rate of $27.50 and you can cancel at any time. As well  after 12 Months  Kyäni Prime (FREE shipping on Prime packs, plus access to the powerful Digital Suite tools) will renew automatically.

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