The Silence of the Victims & the Helpers

Post 1

People are being consumed in the millions, and little if anything is being said or done about it.

Of the chronic diseases cancer is one of the most lethal.

How is it that in USA and Australia cancer rates have skyrocketed? The rate in USA was 1 in 20 in 1900, in 1940 it was 1 in 16, in 1970 1 in 10, and now it is 1 in 3.

In the USA the number of cancer deaths each day averages out at the equivalent of 10 passenger plane crashes a day. Expand that number to include the global figures for all cancer deaths and then add on deaths for all of the other chronic diseases that afflict us and the daily total of ‘plane crashes’ comes out to be catastrophically high.

If a single passenger plane crashes it’s international news and if there is some argy bargy between a media personality and a pestering fan it’s national news. It is just really strange how a single plane fatality, or a minor skirmish, can hit the headlines but when it comes to the fact of there being an avalanche of daily occurring chronic disease fatalities, nothing gets said or done. It’s really really odd!

Watch the following videos and you will find out about why so many people are dying of cancer and what can be done about it. There is however a glimmer of hope. We are told the utter disaster of the cancer epidemic can be brought under control. The speaker also goes on to tell us in general terms how this can be made to happen.   –  (The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer – reversing cancer by diet), and  –  (Starving Cancer with Dr Thomas Seyfried – people just won’t listen)

We now have extraordinarily high morbidity and mortality rates for chronic diseases such as cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer disease. These days the process of ageing has accelerated and death is now a slower and more painful experience. By contrast the natural way is for the body to age slowly and gracefully until it is finally ready for life to quickly fade away.

Sugar spiking is a man-made act with murderous effects and it is our society that has opened the gates for this calamity to spread across the world.

Let others know what you think about this matter by communicating on social media. We need to hear a lot more than the little we have been told so far. Let’s build the momentum by spreading the word.

The next Post will tell you about the change in diet that can save people’s lives if they follow what nature can accomplish if given the chance.


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