We have just recently found a great way to prepare a delicious oats breakfast. The prime ingredient is steel cut oats.

  • Whole oats – commonly used as fodder for animals and as seed stock
  • Groats – whole oats with husk removed leaving fibre rich coating (hull), germ and endosperm
  • Steel cut oats – groats that have been cut by steel blades into ‘large’, ‘medium’ or ‘small’ pieces
  • Rolled oats – groats that are steamed, rolled, steamed again and roasted.
  • Quick oats – smaller pieces rolled even thinner to further decrease soaking/cooking time
  • Instant oats – quick oats that have been pre-cooked and dehydrated

Steel cut oats are at the top of the oats nutritional pecking order. The three products listed below steel cut oats are collectively referred to as oatmeal.

The more oats are processed the more they convert to nutritionally empty carbohydrates and proteins stored in the endosperm.


Usually fine steel cut oats can be purchased at supermarkets such as Woolworths. They are generally more expensive than the medium, and large size steel cut oats found in many health food shops.

In our follow up post, “No-cook, 30 minute steel cut oats”, we will explain how to quickly make both sweetened and savoury forms of steel cut oats. Both are equally nutritious and tasty.


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