Part 5 – Sickness & Mortality – What to do

DIET – What to do if your diet is a typical standard American/Australian diet 

Here is how to make today the first day of the rest of your life. Follow the guidelines to transform your dietary lifestyle. By doing so you will create a new lease on life.

Remember the two health and wellbeing principles mentioned in previous Posts. Together they act preventatively by closing off one course of action and opening up a totally different opportunity. Such a dietary transformation will change ones health forever.

  • Principle 1 – eat nutritionally dense foods and keep your energy intake down to no higher than what you need to maintain a healthy weight
  • Principle 2 – be physically active

Be aware of these seven facts:

  1. Recognize that when people don’t follow the two principles, higher rates of morbidity (sickness) and mortality (death) naturally follow.
  2. Understand that our society is experiencing steadily lowering nutritional levels in our plant and animal foods.
  3. Avoid substituting processed foods (discretionary foods) for fresh fruit, vegetables and ‘free range’animal products.
  4. Know enough about chronic diseases, especially their causes, to avoid being caught and captured by them
  5. Make sure you always keep hydrated and that you take rest breaks after demanding periods of physical and mental effort.
  6. Recognize which supplements are good for you (whole food ones) and those which are not good (multivitamins and other synthetic supplements) and in fact may even damage your health.
  7. In this day and age it is almost impossible to source the full range of certified organically grown foods. This is another reason why whole food supplements are essential.

Fortunately your gut can easily cope with a transformational diet. Nature has provided you with a gut that is capable of renewing itself about once every six weeks.

So don’t worry about never being able to adjust to a healthy diet. After a short period of ‘settling in’ your body will easily manage to cope with the new dietary regime. This is all part of how ‘mother nature’ has designed your body to maintain and thus self-regulate its health.

The standard American/Australian diet is a man-made corruption of what nature intended. No amount of current medical culture that is fostering a burgeoning supply of curative interventions will solve the rapidly expanding chronic disease storm that has hit us.

During a recent conversation about diet, it was suggested that the most powerful prescription to cure our chronic disease pandemic may not be so much in the actual pill bottle, but rather with our plants. Should we ever come to experience a plant based revolution, the micro ‘universes’ in each of our multitude of body cells will hugely benefit from our return to mother nature.

Kyani’s Triangle of Health – Sunrise, Sunset & Nitro – can assist you to achieve ‘Optimal Health’ by supplementing your diet.

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