Part 2 – Sickness and Mortality – Consequences of violating the two ‘good health’ principles


“By 2020, it is projected that chronic diseases will account for almost three quarters of all deaths worldwide . . . it is creating a major public health threat which demands immediate and effective action” – (Ref 1)

“Chronic diseases are the leading cause of illness, disability and death in Australia, accounting for 90% of all deaths in 2011” – (Ref 2)

You have a much greater chance of ‘dying young at an old age’ if you observe the following two health and wellbeing principles:

  • Principle 1 – eat nutritionally dense foods and keep your energy intake down to no higher than what you need to maintain a healthy weight
  • Principle 2 – be physically active

Diet, patterns of physical activity and degree of health are inter-related.

Violate either or both of the principles and you will run the risk of developing one or more of the following chronic diseases.

  • Obesity caused by “declining energy expenditure due to physical inactivity and high energy diet (excess calories whether from sugar, starches or fat) is the main determinant of the obesity epidemic” -(Ref 1)
  • Type 2 diabetes – escalating rates worldwide are accounted for by “excess weight gain, overweight and obesity, and physical inactivity” – (Ref 1)
  • Cardiovascular disease – is “to a great extent due to unbalanced diets and physical inactivity” – (Ref 1)
  • Cancer – smoking is the number one cause, but dietary factors can contribute significantly to some types of cancer
  • Alzheimer’s disease – is an epidemic and “… diet is one of the root causes” – (Ref 3)
  • Osteoporosis and bone fractures – is a problem for older people
  • Dental disease – is preventable by limiting the frequency and amount of sugars – otherwise dietary acids will cause decay

These diseases creep up on an affected person starting with barely noticeable aches and pains and imperceptible impediments to movement all caused by inflammation. Gradually health and wellbeing fall away as the pains and stiffness translate into a full-blown chronic disease. Moreover a single chronic disease can easily lead on to multiple diseases further progressing to overall disability.

How to save your own life

The right way to combat chronic disease(s) and thus an overall disabling condition is to wholeheartedly and fully comply with the two health principles mentioned at the beginning of this post. The threat of being overcome by a disability is reduced and an earlier than normal death is prevented. – (Ref 2)

  1. “Global strategy on diet, physical activity and health – diet, nutrition and the prevention of chronic diseases.” and “Preventing Chronic Diseases – a vital component” – World Health Organization
  2. Look up “How to Boost Brain Performance and Prevent Dementia”
  3. “Chronic disease – Australia’s biggest health challenge” and “Chronic Disease is America’s greatest Healthcare Problem”

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