Vitamins Part 3 – The part played by Pharmacies

The quotes below are from the ABC ‘Four Corners’ program shown on Monday 13/2/17.

You can read the commentary and view the video program by – CLICKING HERE, or go to Google and look for “Swallowing it – Four Corners – ABC” – Spending billions of dollars on unproven vitamins and supplements.

The part played by Pharmacies
  •  “The pharmacy is now the new gold mine.” at 0:26 min point
  •  “There is a large demand . . . my job as a retail pharmacist is to provide what the customer wants.” at 0:18 min point
  • Aggressive marketing of these products is pitting pharmacies against their traditional partners in the medical profession.” at 1:18 min point
  • Pharmacies are giving legitimacy to dubious products.” at 1:27 min point
  • Many pharmacies have shelves stacked high with vitamins and supplements, prominently displayed at the front of their shops, often sold in tandem with proven pharmaceuticals.”  See text
  •  “We have passionate community pharmacists decrying their fellow pharmacists for stocking . . . vitamins, for stocking homeopathy, for stocking products that have little, if any, medical credence.”  See text
  •  “When we look at the most trusted professions, year on year on year, I’m proud to say that at the top are doctors, nurses and pharmacists. So their respect has been hard won. That’s put at risk if they’re being seen to promote treatments that increasingly the average consumer recognises might be a load of rubbish.” Australian Medical Association  at 43:30 min point & See text

Comment by the author

The oft repeated question to me is, “OK, if I am NOT going to take multivitamins and synthetic supplements, WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?

The answer is:

  1. Diet – eat real wholefood in the form of fruit, vegetables and animals such as fish and some grass fed red meat
  2. Supplements – take wholefood nutrients (superfoods/nutraceuticals/phytonutrients). The superfood mix must be whole food in liquid form, NOT a powder, NOT a tablet.
  3. Exercise – a reasonable amount is 10,000-12,000 steps each week.



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