Billions of trillions of nano machines!

Believe it or not

We have about a billion microscopic machines in each and every one of or cells (1), and trillions of cells (2) and microbes (3) in our bodies. To verify click on –

(1) Go to The Hidden Life of the cell on Vimeo at 22.42 min point

(2) Above video at 0.02 min point or go to GoogleHow many cells in the human body?

(3) Go to Google “How many microbes in the human body?”

Breathtaking complexity

Inside each cell is a ‘universe’ of breathtaking complexity – a billion nano machines all receiving instructions from the DNA in our genes (for more see my Post – The Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell – 15 Aug 16)  All told the number of machines in the whole body runs into billions of trillions!

How much do we know?

We know very little about what is going on. David Bolinsky says our knowledge is only about 1% (refer Visualizing the Wonder of the Living Cell at 8.40 min point and look at my Post – Causes outside the body – effects inside the cell – 18 Aug 16

Nutrition for a cell

It would be ridiculous to think that cells could live healthily on junk macronutrients such as processed carbohydrates supposedly boosted with multivitamins and other synthetic supplements. But this is exactly what hordes of people believe to be OK!

Food made by plants and animals such as fish are incredibly complex as nature has intended it to be, whereas synthetics are made in factories, generally as isolates, from all manner of sources (such as tars, petroleum – see Post – Changing your life forever – 23 Oct 16

As has been said, Post – Spending Billions on Unproven Multivitamins & Supplements – 20 Feb 17, we are wasting our money on multivitamins and other synthetic supplements. We are also wasting our money on junk food and more so, doing harm to our bodies.

What to do to recover our health?

The answer is reasonably simple:

  1. Eat healthy food for an optimally healthy life
  • Real whole food in the form of fruit, vegetables and animals such as fish
  • Major nutritional deficiencies in our plants and animals have worsened over the decades (see Post – Six reasons why you must take ‘Superfoods’ – 6 Feb 17)
  • The resultant large nutritional hole must be filled by phytochemicals/superfoods/nutraceuticals (see Post What are Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals & Superfoods – 25 Jan 17)
  • The superfood must be whole food in liquid form, NOT as a powder, NOT as a tablet.
  • These necessary ingredients are available on the market.
  1. Make sure to have a reasonable amount of exercise

An excellent product for this purpose is the Kyani Triangle of Health – to see more information go to –

To see Dean’s LinkedIn posts, go to –


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