Vitamins Part 2 – How can the average person know what’s right & what isn’t?

The quotes below are from the ABC ‘Four Corners’ program shown on Monday 13/2/17.

You can read the commentary and view the program by – CLICKING HERE, or go to Google and look for “Swallowing it – Four Corners – ABC” – Spending billions of dollars on unproven vitamins and supplements.

How can the average person know what’s right and what isn’t?

  • Consumers are not in the position of being able to “….tell the difference between what works and what doesn’t”  at 1:14 min
  • “In Australia there is a strong emphasis on safety and we do that very well. As far as I can see there is less stress on does it do what it actually claims. Which leaves it open for the consumer not really knowing if they are buying a product that will do what it claims to do.”  at 3:10 min
  • “What bothers me is the injustice of it. The people are buying things in good faith, and a system that seems to be saying we think this works but there is a good chance that the product does nothing. A well informed person  can go to a health food store or chemist, look at all the shelves and they will have no idea which is a good product and which isn’t a good product” at 27.45 min
  • “…because none of our diets are perfect, people are making it up with supplements [synthetic ones]”  at 1:58 min
  • People are taking them [multivitamins and synthetic supplements] “…Just in case”  at 2:45 min
  • “…prevention is clearly the best approach”  at 6.39 min
  • “The problem in Australia is that you get a much more profitable return on investment from putting $50 million into celebrity marketing rather than research”  at 4:24 min

Comment by author

The above messages provide crystal clear evidence:
  • Multivitamins are a BIG no no. “multivitamins and synthetic supplements ‘do nothing’” (Post 21/2/17)
  • “a well informed person can go to a health food store or chemist, look at all the shelves and they will have no idea which is a good product and which isn’t . . .”
  • People naturally feel strongly that:
    • none of their diets are perfect. The standard Australian diet isn’t.
    • they need to take supplements of some description, and
    • faced with massive marketing programs of up to $50 million for a leading company each year, they turn to synthetic supplements as a “. . . just in case . . .” remedy. They feel they have no other choice.
You now have a choice – the pathway to solving the problem should now be perfectly clear:
  • People quite naturally want to be healthy. This is a fair enough.
  • They are taking multivitamins “just in case” because they see that as their only choice. It is not their fault they don’t know, others may know the secret  – but are not passing it on.
  • If everyone knew that “each cell in the human body contains more than  . . . a billion microscopic machines” (The hidden life of the cell on Vimeo– at 2.42 mins), the nutritional world would be in an different place to what it is now.
  • The billions of ‘machines’ in each cell must have complex foods made by plants and animals, not isolate vitamins and the like – these are basically ‘junk’ food. The realization of this fact would mean that people would know what to do!
  • ONLY PLANT AND ANIMAL FOOD can provide the incredibly COMPLEX NUTRIENTS needed by each cell in order to be healthy and flourish.
Making your choice:
  • Shift the taking of synthetic supplements to REALLY NATURAL WHOLE FOOD supplements, and find something that will truly give you the opportunity for a healthy extended life.
  • NATURAL superfoods/phytonutrients/nutraceuticals – this is where people should be investing their money
  • Find a recommended NATURAL product by going to one of our – Other Blogs. 



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