Vitamins & Minerals – Natural vs Synthetic

Natural vs Synthetic?

We choose NATURAL every time, and in particular the KYANI Triangle of Health.

The Kyani Triangle of Health comprises 3 products – Sunrise, Sunset & Nitro (FX & EXtreme) which have been developed to cover the broad spectrum of nutritional needs of the human body.

These products help to defend, repair and maintain every cell in the body. The nutrients they contain are highly complex and are able to replace the nutrients lost in our diets.


“Kyäni has developed a simple, yet extraordinary nutritional system that has helped hundreds of thousands around the world to achieve optimal health. After years of extensive research, Kyäni assembled the most remarkable Superfoods and botanicals from around the world to form the Triangle of Health – three products that work together to optimize wellness in a way that only Kyäni has achieved.” ( 


To see more detailed information about the Kyani Triangle of Health go to the Products pages of this website.

In Australia a recent ABC ‘Four Corners’ program discussed the value of many  of the over-the-counter multivitamin and other synthetic supplements.

“You are asking people to spend money on something that won’t help them”

“Most of them [studies] have got evidence that they [multivitamins and supplements] do nothing”

“What a lot of Australians have is very expensive urine”

“. . . because none of our diets are perfect, people are making it up with supplements”

People are taking them “. . . just in case”

Also it is very much better to use vitamin and mineral superfoods that come as a juice rather than those that come as powders or tablets.

Kyani products can be purchased direct from Kyani either as a Customer, or you can choose to become a Business Partner/Independent Distributor and help others to do the same.

To purchase as a CustomerCLICK HERE

If you would prefer to become a Business PartnerCLICK HERE




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