Sourcing Nutraceutical Superfoods -100% plant nutrients – what to do

Deciding not to take multivitamins and synthetic supplements is a wise move. Choosing to take 100% plant & other food vitamins, food minerals and food supplements is the wisest of health seeking actions. In making your choice to take superfoods/supernutrients to replace nutrients lost because of deficiencies in the diet, you may have listened to advice from people and organizations such as those mentioned in my earlier posts –

“Changing your life forever” and “How to live longer and better”

Also see“Real or Synthetic: The Truth Behind Whole-Food Supplements”,

“The Truth About Vitamins in Nutritional Supplements” (Read Table 2), and

“Synthetic Vitamin Formulas are Killing Americans, but Food Vitamins Build Health”

Sourcing 100% plant nutrients – where to find a supplier

This is where searching for a quality product can become difficult . But there is a way.

Not only are there many plant nutrient suppliers, many of the products simply do not comply with proper nutraceutical standards. There are six main problem areas you will face when carrying out your search:

1. For best overall effect the product must encompass the full range of nutritional needs. Few do. Taking one superfood after the other 20 times over is not the same as taking a blend of say 20 selected superfoods. The blend is equally effective but costs much less than its 20 separate superfood counterparts.

2. Some manufacturers over-process their product thus destroying its nutritional value. Reducing the original 100% food to a powder reduces, even destroys, the vitality of the product. So be wary.

3. You may well come across products that are only 10% natural but are being promoted as ‘natural’. But this is acceptable because the powers that be allow this to happen! Beware! See – “How to Tell if a Vitamin is Natural or Synthetic”

4. A product manufacturer must carry a full explanation of the product on its website. Very few do. Consult Dr Robert Thiel’s site, and Kyani’s site to see two differing ways that it should be done.

5. Getting value for money – It is important to know what you are paying for. As an example an Australian supplier of one Superfood charges about $1.00 for a 5g serve of a single superfood with a vitamin C ‘boost’ included. The serve is in powder form with macronutrients amounting to 2.2g carbohydrate and 2.2g fibre. This leaves only 0.6g to meet all micronutrient needs. The benefits claimed are for immune function, energy metabolism and collagen function and these must come out of the listed 0.6g. Multiply this by 20 for 20 different superfoods and the price estimate is 20 x $1 = $20/day which comes to $600/month. Look for a price that is much less than the $600 figure.

6. Estimating the worth of these various products can be a very difficult exercise. However, because the products on offer claim to give life changing benefits, the challenge to uncover the facts should be taken most seriously and carefully on the basis that you can successfully reach a conclusion if you try really hard. So be prepared to do the necessary research. Just don’t ever give up.

For example:

  • Check whether the product is powdered – what does this mean in terms of nutritional value to your body? Also note that when glue is added to the powder a tablet is formed. This too is a concern.
  • Multivitamins are incredibly cheap. What does this tell you?
  • Make sure you have enough info to make a full analysis?
  • You can see that superfoods are not cheap for reasons that should be apparent. The price you pay for prevention is really not that high. Remember that prevention is usually a darn sight cheaper than cure and it brings with it benefits that curative action can’t possibly provide, namely more wellness for a longer period of time. Who wants to be sickly, live in pain and die early?
  • I would not hesitate to contact the supplier’s advisory service or speak to an independent expert and keep asking the questions that need to be put, including, “What is your documentation on this product? Where can I find it?”
  • Superfoods/supernutrients are selected 100% whole foods designed to replace the nutrients lost over the course of time. There is a large nutritional hole in our increasingly nutrient deficient foods that we now eat as a regular part of our diets. Logically, the replacement nutrients must be exactly the same as those that have been lost from the foods we eat. The nutrients lost are complex, the replacements must be equally complex. Synthetics are isolate panaceas and are therefore not suitable.

To source appropriate superfood supplements/nutraceuticals [100% natural foods (eg fruit, vegetables, fish) that are rich in micronutrients beneficial to humans].

We have identified 3 suppliers of Superfoods who suggest they have 100% natural ‘Super’ Nutrients/Superfoods.

  1. Nutralite
  2. Doctors  Research
  3. Kyani

The first two although their discussion starts off well talking about phytonutrients and is very good but when it comes to actual product/s blending is not a feature and so what we get is a bundle of separate superfoods which turn out to be more expensive than a blend. The other problem is that they come in powder or tablet form which in most cases can substantially reduces their effectiveness.

We highly recommend the Kyani Triangle of Health – Sunrise, Sunset & Nitro. For more details about these products go to  our – Products Page


I am sure you will greatly enjoy learning how to get optimal health, wellbeing and lifespan and even more, passing the knowledge you now have on to friends, colleagues and others.

Dean & Jan Kuhl

All the best in your quest.

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