How to Live Longer and Better

The recipe for living longer and better is simple and straight forward.
The solution is staring people in the face but a great number of people are not seeing it.
If you want to stop throwing away years of your life, here’s what you should do.

Improving nutritional intake

1      Poor nutrition is one of the main problems

There is more to living longer and better than just being fit. More importantly you need quality ‘petrol’ in your ‘tank’ otherwise you will be in real strife.

Huge numbers of complex compounds are contained in fruit and vegetables and the like, but these valuable products are battling with depleted soils, soil contaminants and over processing which is having devastating effects on the quality of the plant food available in our diets.

Either we feed illness and disease or we fight it. There are no other alternatives

Unfortunately the balance is tilted dramatically in favour of feeding illness and disease largely because people do not know what they are doing and this has diabolical consequences. If you feed illness and disease that is what you will get. Simple really.

2      Our microbiome is under attack

Our microbiome (consisting of trillions of bacteria, fungi, etc) is suffering dramatically.

Professor Tim Spector has written a wonderful book on diet. Being a highly reputable epidemiologist he is an authority on the human microbiome and illness and disease. That is what he researches.

Our diet of ever lowering standards in the quality of fruit, vegetables and the like has been picked up by our collective microbiome. Microbe counts are generally way down because our microbes are not getting the nutrients they need to survive let alone multiply and thrive. Alarmingly bacterial counts are spiralling downwards telling us that overall our diets aren’t anywhere near good enough.

It is a simple fact that we won’t have optimal health and lifespan conditions if our diet is less than adequate.

3      Our cells are under attack

Each of us have over 30 trillion cells in our body (some say well over that number), and in case you don’t know, each one is like a secret universe in terms of relative space inside each cell and the number of bits and pieces each cell holds. Each cell is incredibly complex. You wouldn’t believe how much so.

To convince you of that fact look at – The Hidden Life of the Cell on Vimeo

You will be amazed by what you see.

The point is that because cells are so complex they need complex ‘food’ to maintain and energize themselves as well as growing other cells. Human cells when not properly fed will perform poorly.

Ill-health and shortened lifespans are the consequence of the unsatisfactory standard of nutrients coming into the body and from there into the cells.

4      Inadequacy of multivitamins and synthetic supplements

The fact is that multivitamins and other synthetic supplements are not recommended by prestigious bodies and individuals with high reputations.

Some people know this as fact, but many have no idea that such a view even exists.

Refer to the following to find out for yourself.

  • “Getting your vitamins and minerals through diet – Harvard Health” Harvard Medical School
  • Dr Robert Thiel – “The truth about Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements”,
  • Dr Abbas Qutab –
  • Professor Tim Spector – “The Diet Myth – The Real Science Behind What We Eat” – 277pp

Again you could be very surprised at what you find.

So far we have covered the direct nutritional aspects of the serious community health and lifespan problems we are now facing.

There is more to come in the next post. This follow-up will cover problems that background the ones mentioned in this post – such as marketing that isn’t cutting through, dominance of curative medicine and research into it.

So what should we be doing to improve our lives?

To achieve optimal health and lifespan, you need to take five ideas into account:

1)     Cease taking multivitamins and synthetic supplements as back up for food that is not nutritionally adequate. The combination of these two sets of products is counterproductive.

2)     Millennia ago food sourced by hunters and gatherers from plants and animals was nutritionally terrific but that is not the case these days. Back-up is needed.

A full range of certified organic products would be OK but being a most valuable and hard to get product the price is generally much higher. Be prepared to accept that fact.

3)     As a practical alternative look towards supplements from plants and other natural products like fish. Ingredients from these natural sources mixed into small ‘packages’ are most valuable and therefore attract a higher price. Be prepared to accept the reality of this fact.

Use these products as back-up nutrients for food that generally speaking is nutritionally inadequate.

4)     Don’t be seduced by low prices for volume multivitamins and other synthetic supplements.

You pay for what you get. Expect to pay more for all-natural plant vitamins and supplements as you would for certified organic fruit, vegetables and the like. More so the convenience of an all-encompassing set of nutrients is greatly appealing to anyone seeking to source better food and thus a better life.

By purchasing these products you will be fighting illness and disease. You will achieve optimal health, wellbeing and lifespan.

5)     Many people can’t see the woods for the trees. Generally speaking there is too much focus on specifics and too little on understanding what the context is. You need to work hard to really understand what your nutritional diet should be. If in doubt ask Tim Spector the respected epidemiologist.

It is a decision only you can make. No one else can do it for you.
Remember, having a great life is a lot more than just being fit.

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