Deficiencies in our Diet

  1. The first main cause of deficiencies in our diets

These are USA figures but ours would not be greatly different. In any case 2016 figures would in all probability be worse than those for 2009.

“USDA reports reductions in nutrient content in all 43 fruits and vegetables” over the last 50 years. “People get sicker and end up dying earlier” said Tim Spector, The Australian, pp12, 13/5/16, because of the less nutritious food they eat.


All this presents a very bleak picture because no one individual who consumes these foods has brought the nutritional problem upon themselves. They have no choice but to eat what the farm industry can supply.

Consequence – people getting sick and dying earlier

  1. The second main cause of nutritional deficiency in our diet

“…. Less than 4% of us consume enough vegetables and legumes each day [not enough fruit either]”

“Overall 35% of our total daily energy comes from so called discretionary foods with barely any nutritional purpose and often high in saturated fat, salt, sugar or alcohol.”

“Put simply our developed world, our ever advancing society, still eats too much junk, drinks too much crap, does too little exercise and because of it, people get sicker and end up dying earlier” The Australian pp12, 13/5/16

This is happening because people have lost their nutritional way. “When it comes to diet we are pretty much lost”

Consequences – less health, less lifespan (shows up as higher disability and mortality rates). Scary news!


  1. Other deficiencies largely beyond our control

These include:

  • Contaminated soils – the contaminants enter the food chain – causing damage to our cells and our bodies
  • Lack of phytochemicals – the fresh food nutrition stocks are depleted and in consequence our cells and bodies are short changed.
  • It can take days, weeks and even months for freshly picked fruit and vegetables to reach the consumer and from that point be eaten. By that time continuing respiration of the food has caused the foods’ stock of micronutrients to be gradually ‘burnt up’.
  1. Do people really care about nutrition?

One would think so if you take into account all the genuine interest shown in food articles in books, blogs and magazines. And all the TV cooking programs and competitions. There is a never ending flood of information.

Professor Tim Spector puts the seeming disinterest and neglect down to “…. Perhaps they are uninformed or misinformed about the things that matter (pp12 as referred to above)

I am sure he is right. The market is saturated with misinformation.

What to do

Educate people so that they become informed rather than left ignorant and misinformed.

At every opportunity correct what is wrong by speaking out.

  1. Multivitamins and other synthetic supplements are not recommended

These are not recommended. In no way do they resemble what plants and other natural foods contain, namely life supporting nutrients essential for a healthy life.

Consequences – less health, less lifespan

  1. Eat Certified Organic Food if you can access it & afford it

Very hard to get the full range of fresh foods, and very expensive.

Consequence – optimal health, optimal lifespan only if you can get all the right food

  1. Alternatively consume supplements containing natural foods rich in micronutrients – thus eliminating any shortfall

Less expensive than certified organic food, but if purchased as a collection of superfoods (yes – they can be sourced) they will answer your micro-nutritional problems brilliantly. They will supplement the fresh foods that if we didn’t know before, we now know are nutritionally deficient. The outcome is a healthy supply of macro nutrients (per the fruit & vegetables you purchase) and micro nutrients (per the phytochemicals purchased as supplements, boosting the inadequate supply of micronutrients).

Consequences – optimal health, optimal lifespan


If you know someone who is keen to find out more about life enhancing nutrition share this post with them.

Remember, having a great life is a lot more than just being fit. First and foremost you have to be healthy.

– o O o –

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Dean & Jan Kuhl



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