A New Global Food Paradigm

 Great science not fiction!

Were it not for the fact that the inside of the cell seems to look like a universe, people would think the ‘inside story’ of the cell is the greatest piece of science fiction ever told. It surpasses one’s wildest imagination. The BBC’s video on the “Hidden Life of the Cell” describes the facts as “stranger than any science fiction”. To begin to understand what is happening inside each of our 30 trillion plus cells, imagine you have shrunk your body down to a size which allows you to walk around inside an individual cell. What you would see would astonish you.

  • There would be a vast array of microscopic (or molecular) machines “Tiny electrical motors turn electrical voltage into motion, tiny factories custom build other molecular machines … hoist, untwist, separate and package strands of DNA … The cell is like a city … machines more amazing than can be found in any science fiction novel …” (www.goodreads.coom/book/show)

Click on short video below – “Molecular machinery of life”

  • Billions of chemical batteries
  • 20,000 instructions in the nucleus of each cell’s 2 metres of DNA to manage the cells myriad activities
  • 2 million different mobile factories
  • Machines walking along ‘trusses’ carrying bags of proteins
  • The above remarks relate to statements made in the video shown in an earlier BBC post. “Our Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell”. By watching the video you can verify the above comments as correct.
  • As a matter of interest there are even more bacteria than there are cells in the body!

You can rest assured this story is not a fairy tale – rather it is a remarkably true account of what is happening inside very single cell.

Are our cells coping?

Can our cells cope with the standard of food that is consumed today?

The overall quality of the food we eat has fallen. We no longer eat what great grandmother’s bacteria were used to ‘seeing’ or what the cell’s molecular machinery once used to work with as it created energy, and repaired, maintained and produced other cellular growth.

Professor Tim Spector has noted that “Our microbial diversity is declining every decade, which is definitely a bad thing” (mentioned in a previous post). The declining microbial diversity is happening because people are now eating less ‘healthy’ food – there is a reduction in our nutritional intake because the food we now eat is less ‘healthy’ than it once was.

Based on this evidence we can deduce that both the cells and the body itself are responding in a parallel fashion. We know that food standards have been steadily declining, and this has caused microbial activity to also decline. The evidence exists that the two detrimental outcomes are linked.

Controlling diseases like CVD

Taken in this light, claims regarding the diminishing supply of nitric oxide in our bodies as we grow older and the need for replenishment stocks through food vitamins make sense. The reasoning for doing this is to use ‘the molecule of life’ (nitric oxide) to expand arteries, increase blood flow, and increase oxygen supply so that diseases like cardio vascular disease don’t become the major killer (more so than cancer) in USA and some other developed countries. Improve the quality of the food you eat and health and wellbeing will improve. For example, reductions in blood pressure, inflammation (aches and pains) and memory loss.

Stumbling blocks to improving the quality of food

The following problems have been mentioned in earlier posts, but to summarize it can be said:

  1. Large amounts of processed foods are now being manufactured and sold. Nutritionally they do not adequately replace natural food.
  2. Only 1.04% of all vitamins sold in shops are currently food vitamins. The vast bulk of vitamins sold over the counter are synthetic. People are responding to a perceived need for improved nutritional intake but the remedy has failed. Rather than dealing with the nutritional shortfall that has been caused by less nutritious food and over supply of processed foods, the problem has been further exacerbated by increasing the production of non-food vitamins, trace elements and minerals. The solution has to be nutraceutical not pharmaceutical.
  3. As for the production of quality fruit and vegetables – there is a limited amount of organic food being sold. In Australia only 1% of the fruits and vegetables are grown on certified organic farmland. Very little food complies with AS6000-2007.

A new food paradigm

As to a successful diet methodology, consideration needs to be given to going back to past millennia when people were hunters and gatherers and the soil was in its natural state. We need to go back to square one and create soils like those that existed then. Nature had the solution then and has the answers now.

The steps toward creating a new food paradigm will achieve an outcome that restores healthy food outcomes and healthier lives for all:

  1. Educate the public to understand the wonder and complexity of each cell in the body.
  2. Teach people to understand the relevance of natural food being critically important for the cells, and thus for the health and well-being of the body as a whole.
  3. Create an understanding that any food entering the body that is short of proper nutrients, is simply not appropriate and can prevent cells from functioning properly. It can even cause damage to the cells.
  4. To get started, find a country that is prepared to mandate organic farming. Denmark is considering this very question at the moment.
  5. Review the legislation under the Food section of the Food and Drug Act so that it fully reflects AS6000-2007, in the first instance to support farming that is organic as distinct from farming that isn’t. Definitions and meanings associated with organic farming to take precedence.
  6. Initially allow for two systems to run in tandem  –  a) A system of certified organic farming.  –   b) A system of farming (call it traditional farming) that meets current standards and practices, but with the description of the processes amended in the light of what organic farming is defined to be. Policies and practices need to be revised to accurately reflect what traditional farming actually is. The language associated with traditional farming, production, marketing and selling will need to be reviewed and changed accordingly. –  c) Sections of government will need to be created to service these two sets of requirements.
  7. Phase in the introduction of the dual system of farming and marketing of products so that the changes implemented work smoothly as we transition policy and practice from traditional to organic.
  8. The dual system be subject to annual review and five year full scale assessment.
  9. The dual program be placed on a scale of priority and importance similar to the priority and importance that has been given to coal power as it has been transitioning to renewable energy.
  10. Continue to focus on the human cell as the primary concept when it comes to all living things and as we engage in making foods healthier, people healthier and experiencing improved wellbeing.

– o O o –

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