What we don’t know is hurting us

Image courtesy of Dr Brad Marsh, Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland. (See further details at end of post.)

Nothing could please me more

Than to watch someone transform their life nutritionally.

Taking on board natural foods rich in

Vitamins, minerals and all the other micro nutrients

Known to nature.

Plus the macro nutrients too.

Preventing bad health, sickness and disease

And creating good health, a sense of wellbeing

And a longer life.

The four scourges of deficient diet

Caused by

Soil depletion &contamination,

Over processing,

The absence of phytochemicals,

Fresh foods picked and not eaten for ages

Destroy health and life.

Fill the yawning gap

With nature’s macro and micro nutrients

Before it all gets out of hand.

(The image above is a view of the Golgi region inside an insulin-secreting pancreas cell containing thousands of membrane enclosed compartments. Each colour represents a unique structure with a unique function. The membranes safely hold enzymes that if released would destroy essential proteins released into the cytoplasm.

An amazingly complex piece of life. The riddle yet to be solved is to discover how all of these ‘compartments’ relate to each other. We will then understand how this type of cell works and importantly what all its food requirements are.

The challenge to understand what is going on needs to be repeated for all the other myriad cell types within the human body.

Bolinsky is correct when he says that we only know about 1% of what is happening inside a cell.)


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