Six publications that can change your life forever

  1. “The truth about Vitamins in Nutritional  Supplements”,

    Dr Robert Thiel Compares synthetic nutritional products, particularly multivitamins with plant nutrients. The former are simple chemical substances, while the latter are complex mixtures of related and similar materials. He analyses and produces tables that show up the stark differences.

  2. “Our Secret Universe – The Hidden Life of the Cell”  – BBC Video

    A brilliant video about the human cell – what it does, how it is put together and how it defends itself against viruses. A cell is incredibly complex – full of molecular machines, factories, batteries, trusses, 6m long DNA chain stored in the cell nucleus and controlling the activity of the cell by sending out molecular messages. Truly unique in how it is made and the billions of pieces stacked into such a small space.

  3. “The Diet Myth – The Real Science Behind What We Eat”

    Professor Tim Spector, 277pp.  Professor Spector is an eminent genetic epidemiologist. His book ranges widely across diet, diseases and their causes, microbes and their crucial importance. The many topics include vitamins, antioxidants, antibiotics, falling nutritional standards, healthy foods, bad diets and much more.

  4. “Getting your vitamins and minerals through diet – Harvard Health”  

    page 1, Harvard Medical School.  Multivitamins and other synthetic supplements are not recommended with reasons given, the main ones being their ineffectiveness and the fact they can cause harm. Plant nutrients are recommended because they supply an array of complex nutrients for each type of nutrient.

  5. “Dr Abbas Qutab”

    Search for him on ‘Facebook’ and read his posts. Dr Qutab is the ‘father’ of the Kyani Triangle of Health. His Facebook page is full of interesting facts about these products, where they came from, how they affect your health and well-being and many other inspirational pieces of information.

  6. Video Presentation by Mike Akagi

Mike Akagi gives an excellent account of the Kyani product benefits and how the Kyani Business itself operates without fuss and bother to those involved.                    – backed up by an earlier version –

Multivitamins and other synthetic supplements are not recommended with reasons given, the main ones being their ineffectiveness and the fact they can cause harm.

The main conclusions that can be drawn from the publications are:

a) There are more than 30 trillion cells in each person’s body and an even greater number of bacteria. The final destination for all the food we eat are our cells. Because these cells are extraordinarily complex with billions of moving parts, they all demand matching high quality food. This is why plant vitamin nutrients are superior to multivitamins and other synthetic supplements.

b) Multivitamins and synthetic supplements are not recommended because they are generally single compounds and not in any way complex. They can also cause harm. In contrast, plant vitamins can be highly complex which is as nature intended. Harvard mentions the synergy that occurs between the constituent compounds about which science knows so very little.

c) The more diverse a person’s diet of plant nutrients, the more diverse are the microbes, the better a person’s health and the longer that person’s life span. The rewards can be awesome an incredibly heartening.

d) Unless fruit and vegetables are certified organic they will have been grown in depleted and contaminated soils. This means that the missing nutrients essential for a person’s well-being must be found from alternative sources. Multivitamins and other synthetic supplements cannot provide the nutritional benefit needed. Plant nutrients offer an alternative solution which is really excellent news.

Healthy food is essential for achieving a healthy life.

Anyone who decides to change their diet and adopts the dietary plan and principles recommended in these six publications will change their life forever.

Don’t forget to pass this good news onto others.

You could influence their lives by passing this information onto them.





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