You are what you eat!

In our post “Inside the Cell – our Hidden Universe” you would have seen evidence of the frenetic activity that occurs inside each of our cells. The quality of the food entering the body clearly must affect what goes on inside each cell, more specifically affecting the well-being of each cell and for all cells combined the health of the body as a whole.

Plants that grow in depleted and contaminated soils start a food chain that extends into all plants and animals, specifically into the cells of all living things. Unlike plants and animals, humans face additional deficiencies in their supply of nutrients. Collectively humans eat vast amounts of food that are heavily processed – also we purchase nutritional supplements that in the main (estimated to be over 98%) are synthetic and isolates to boot. Food based vitamins are as different nutritionally from non-food vitamins, as chalk is to cheese. Similarly, processed foods as against fresh fruit and vegetables, particularly certified organic foods, are nutritionally worlds apart.


We need to consider the following ideas in the above context.

Some more amazing facts about the human cell

  • There are trillions of cells in each body.
  • Each cell contains billions – yes billions – of nano machines.
  • There is more activity inside a cell than happens in a busy city like Adelaide.
  • The interior of a cell can be described as a ‘universe’ not because of its size (about 1/50 the width of a hair) but because the number of ‘pieces’ inside a cell matches that of the number of galaxies in the universe – hence the use of the term universe.
  • The ‘universe’ within each individual cell is hidden from view and so can be regarded as secret. Until fairly recently we knew little about it. Bolinsky says we now know about 1%. Thus there is still a huge amount yet to be discovered!

Watch Bolinsky’s fascinating video below. As an early pioneer medical illustrator he created a wonderfully animated picture of what is happening in this incredibly tiny space. His commentary is truly inspirational.

To watch go to –

Some of the things that are happening inside each cell

  • Amino acids are converted into proteins.
  • Where? Inside the ‘factories’ inside each cell.
  • Protein cargo is shifted to elsewhere in the cell by nano machines.
  • The nucleus containing the genes collectively act as each cell’s control centre.
  • and much more

There is a big time nutritional problem

  • Millennia ago the food entering the cell as supplied by nature was first class. Soils were in top class condition because at the time people were hunters and gatherers. There was no tilling of the soil.
  • These days this isn’t the case. Firstly, soils are depleted and carry pesticides, antibiotics and many other contaminants – they all get into the food chain of both plants and animals, including us.
  • Certified organic foods (AS 6000- 2009) are not widely available (a small percent of all food) and thus are in very short supply.
  • Secondly much of the ‘food’ sold in big stores is processed rather than being whole or fresh.
  • Thirdly the non-food vitamins such as multivitamins are mostly isolates, unlike organically grown food vitamins which are complex being made by nature. This distinction also applies generally to all food nutrients as against non-food ones.
  • There is literally a world of difference between the two groups.

The purpose of food vitamins and other food nutrients

  • In this day and age there is a critical shortage of food vitamins and other food nutrients in people’s diets.
  • Bad food and bad diets are more the norm rather than being a rarity.
  • The idea of producing food vitamins and other food nutrients is a brilliant one because these products can improve and maintain health and by doing so ‘save’ lives.


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