Inside the Cell – our Hidden Universe

The intricacies within each cell itself are as exquisite as they are mind-boggling. And keep in mind that we have more than thirty trillion of them (estimates range from thirty to a hundred trillion)!

Click and watch the video shown below which explores the latest ideas “… about the bio-chemical processes at the heart of every one of us, [that is inside each living cell] and revealing a world smaller than it is possible to comprehend, in a story large enough to fill the biggest imaginations.” (BBC TWO) Inside the living cell on Vimeo

One striking fact – there are billions of  molecular machines (also called nano, micro and cellular machines) inside each cell. No wonder it can be said that each cell contains more moving parts than does a city the size of Adelaide.

What a great story!


There are two more great parts to this story yet to be told:

(a) the story of food and what happens when digested food and especially vitamins, minerals, trace elements, anti-oxidants and other essential nutrients arrive inside the cell itself, and

(b) the story of the age old battle between cells and viruses. “….. it is still being fought in every one of us every minute of every day. It is the story of a viral infection – the battle for the cell.” (Refer –

Like me I hope you will be fascinated by what you see and hear as the trilogy of posts unfolds in upcoming posts.

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