Become Healthier with Kyani – have a longer life


The Kyani product is a world first. There has never been anything like it. Basically if there is a shortfall in the daily supply of essential ingredients, Kyani will pick-up that shortfall and cover for the missing ingredient(s).

Each human body is made up of about thirty thousand billion cells. And in each body there are ten times as many bacteria! The number of living organisms vastly exceeds the world’s whole population. Each cell is fed and cared for, and in each case the living process starts with one fertilized cell carrying its own DNA template. The human body is indeed a wondrous piece of technology.

As you get older, your take up of nitric oxide inducing ingredients drops off massively from close to 100% when you are young to near 20% when you are older. By boosting that nutrient intake with Nitro FX and/or Nitro Xtreme particularly, the aging process that would have otherwise automatically accelerated with increase in age is markedly slowed down by the intervention of Nitro FX and even more rapidly by Nitro Xtreme. Find out why Nitric Oxide is called the “molecule of life”.

The presence of Omega 3 in Kyani Sunset means that the EPA and DHA it contains, amongst other things, makes for better heart performance and less fatty tissue.

Real vitamins are found in real food. They are chemically and structurally different from synthetic vitamins and are not the same as vitamins that have been reduced to a powder.

It is not always clear whether the advantages of real vitamins are due to:

  • the physio-chemical form of the vitamin,
  • the fact of their co-existence with the other food constituents that are naturally found with them,
  • some combination of the previous two factors (a) and (b).

Real vitamins are found in real food that is unprocessed. If the food is processed the vitamins, and many of their constituents, might have broken down and been destroyed. If the vitamins come as a tablet in a bottle the ingredients have been processed.

“We share the products to save lives”


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