What is so special about Kyani?


There are plenty of special features about Kyani, but two stand out:

  • The Kyani product is a world first. There has never been anything like it.
  • The Kyani business model is a new and now being put into practice. It is simple, elegant and unique, the first of its kind.

What do you do as a Kyani Distributor?

You purchase on a monthly basis and use on a daily basis the 3 Kyani Triangle of Health products.

You find 3 Business Partners who do the same, and you then help your Business Partners to progress their business.

Once established you also receive monthly payments under the Kyani Compensation Plan, which over time as your business progresses, could amount to a six figure annual income.

All products are supplied on a direct debit and autoship basis so no handling of products required.

A DFY (Done for you) model is provided, together with an App for your mobile phone or tablet, to assist members to run their business.

      “We share the products to save lives”    

      “We share the business to impact lives”

Go to – https://jankuhl.kyani.net – see more information about Kyani


To contact Jan use the ‘Contact form’ below


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